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About Me

Hello, my name is Tony and I am an English Native speaker and teacher with a background in writing and philosophy who is based in the United Kingdom.

My background is in academic philosophy and writing but in recent years I became a qualified TEFL teacher.

Now, I have been able to combine my skills to help hundreds of students to practice and develop their English language, particularly at an intermediate and advanced level.

Tony Lowe

Teacher and Writer

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Credentials and Experience


As of writing this, I have taught over 1000 online classes with students from around the world and with varying levels of English.

I have taught a variety of different lessons, including:​

  • Speaking Practice,

  • Grammar Improvement,

  • Vocabulary Improvement,

  • Writing Development,

  • Literature Analysis,

  • And more.


All with positive results.


I am highly skilled in writing, speaking English at all levels and in explaining and presenting ideas.

These skills have allowed me to push English to a very advanced level, whilst being able to understand, explain and use simple and familiar expressions. 

My background in philosophy has forced me to use difficult language in a way which is easy to understand and to explain complex ideas. Now I apply this to language itself, using my skills to clearly explain all aspects of the English language, from the definitions and use of words to the structure and logic of our grammar.

My goal has always been to make everything as clear as possible to my students.

I've also have the skill of lecturing and making presentations and have used these to create some online courses.


I have a First-Class Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Ethics from the University of Brighton, and

I am certified TEFL teacher.


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